Janet McBride and husband, John Ingram
Photo by Lori Faith Merritt - www.photographybyfaith.com

These are 2 special people whom I give credit to teaching me most everything I know about the Western Music business and yodelin'. Most of all they have taught me what it is to have a passion for sharing their talents with others. I credit them not only for their talents as musicians but also for being true friends. Be sure and visit http://www.heroeswest.com/yodelqueen to see what the Yodel Queen has been up to lately.

Cowboy Jim Garling

I first met Jim and his wife, Doris, 2 years ago at the Cedar Depot Festival in Cedar, KS. Jim began helping me improve on my guitar skills and he taught my brother, Schuyler, a few licks on the fiddle. Last year we relocated just 30 minutes from the Garlings and I knew that I wanted to take guitar lessons from Jim. Today, not only do I take guitar lessons from Jim but I also have the opportunity to learn from his cowboy philosophies. I'm proud to call Jim and Doris my friends. Check out Jim's page at http://cowboyjimgarling.com


Jake Simpson and Chelsea Beck

One of my earliest experiences in western music was going to the Film and Music Festival in Gene Autry. While there I remember hearing a young fiddle player that was out of this world! Since that time, Jake and I have performed together numerous times. He is not only an out of sight fiddle player but he also has a passion for planes and civil war history. Best of all he is a great friend!

Lori Faith Merritt

Lori and I crossed paths at the 2005 WMA Festival. Lori and I instantly hit it off and become friends. She is an outstanding photographer and if you haven't seen her horse photos you are missing out. Visit her site and take a peek at

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